Woodsy Giveaway

***** We've got a winner!  We used a random number generator and the winner is.....

LAYLI RAYOS!  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who joined! *****

Introducing our Woodsy Collection by Robert Alejandro.  Birds of the same feather fly into our shops this month, probably to escape from the rains.  They carry a distinctive look - that of distressed wood, and yet they are not made of wood, but resin.

Though the collection comes with more than the pieces featured here, we are offering you the chance to win this set.  It will already make your living area all the more elegant.

This style goes well in diverse types of interiors and they never go out of style.  The aged finish gives the feel of an antique treasure.

Pile on top of old books and metal finds.  This will be a charming addition to any garden too!

How to join?  Read on...


1. Comment below by completing this sentence:  
"I like papemelroti because _____________ ".  (Comment only once please.)

2. Share this contest with at least 1 other person.  You may use the Share Buttons below or even just by word of mouth and encourage them to join too!

That's it!

We will raffle off the comments at the end of the June 2016.

We hope you enjoy joining this contest.  Come visit us at www.papemelroti.com to see more products.
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