• Characters Collection by Robert Alejandro

    Now you can have your very own character illustrated by Robert Alejandro!  Who fits you most?  It's fun to choose!Commemorate how you've reinvented yourself in this pandemic with a papemelroti Character by @robert_alejandro! Just pick a product, character, and add your name and title. Order yours on our site, Shopee, or in stores!https://biolinky.co/papemelroti
  • All about Custom Gifts

    In today's world where everything is fast-tracked, there is something really special about custom gifts.  When something was carefully picked just for you and thought of way before the day itself, it means so much more!That's why custom gifts are more special.  They are made with someone important (you) in mind.  They take time to prepare and to make so the earlier they are...
  • Mother's Day 2021 Gift Suggestions

    We've got ALL NEW items for Mother's day!  These designs were done by none other than Robert Alejandro, the "RO" in pa-pe-mel-ro-ti.  Find out more about our story here. If you are new here and don't know what papemelroti stands for, you must be a NEW arrival! Just for new clients like you, we want to recommend our oldies but goodies. Our award-type desk...
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