• ⛪ Free Downloadable: Lent and Easter Symbols Font

    Today, February 22nd, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season.This is a wonderful time to reflect and give of oneself.  It is a time to grow closer to God and to others.  We want to share this FREE resource as a gift for you during this grace-filled 40-day period.  You may use these glyphs/dingbats for your commercial products as well! We do not...
  • 5 Ways to have a Meaningful Year

     It's a brand new year!As we step into 2023, we may be filled with excitement and anticipation of what's ahead.  We can have all sorts of plans and dreams that we hope to achieve in the coming year.  Some of us have already made resolutions so we can have a new, improved version of ourselves!Be gratefulFor some, this time is the best opportunity to...
  • FREE Advent Family Activities

      Are you ready for Advent?  Soon it will be here!  The season of Advent begins on November 28, 2021.  We have something to get you excited about it with your loved ones.  It's FREE and fun to do! We've compiled activities for you to do during Advent to make this time more meaningful and memorable. All you need: PrinterScissorsJar or Box How to use: 1....
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