Why Am I Seeing White?

Ever since the 70's, Papemelroti has been known for recycled brown paper stationery.  We'd really like it to stay that way - but some may notice the little white pads that have just recently come out at the shops.

Why white?
Simple.  These paper pieces have been saved from the trash bin.  They are discarded paper trims from the printing process.

So, using these pads will help clean up trash bins everywhere.

They're in the ideal size for bringing with you as they are so compact and lightweight.  Great for artists who want to remember bits of inspiration they see or for students or for practically everyone!  Just the thing for taking down notes!

Size 4.5 x 2.75 inches / 114mm x 70mm, 50g

And once you've finished with them, remember to recycle them once more with our Handmade Paper Making Kit!

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