Where in the World is Robert?

Newsflash!  For immediate release!

Artist in Europe is having a tremendously fun time!  He is intentionally getting lost in the old world cities, whether it is a tucked away hideaway or a bustling metropolis!

Robert Alejandro is one of Papemelroti's premiere artists.  Here he is in the Versailles, France.

Robert attended the P-Noise festival in Copenhagen which celebrates the Philippines' rich culture and art!

Sharing with you his postcards to friends!  This was done during his hopping from one city to the next.  Photo captions are his notes.

Drawing people I see in Scandinavia and turning the artwork into a 

The truth about this #diypostcard - I cut up my sketchpad to postcard sized pieces and found out I accidentally cut one of my drawings. No problem!  :) 

So many crows in Scandinavia! #diypostcard using watercolor and a white ink pen smile emoticon have a great day and thank you for all the likes, hearts and comments!

diypostcard from Scandinavia! I bring along a watercolor sketch pad (which I cut into postcard sizes).

I met the coolest scientist while backpacking in Istanbul. We talked about science collaborating with art :)  this is my #diypostcard sending to her in Paris  — with Mariana Tasso.

My #diypostcard from Finland!

I have never seen so many blonde blue eyed people in my life! Hello #helsinki ! #diypostcard

@msderossi - have you received my #diypostcard ? #mermaid

Where will Robert turn up next we wonder?

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