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School is certainly cool and Papemelroti wishes all the students the best school year ahead!

Go back to school in an eco-friendly way with items at Papemelroti such as: Notebooks, Kraft Folders, Planners and Book of Days, Desk organizers and boxes, Corkboards, Magnets and more!  Our paper products are made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.  Production of these products caused no harmful chemicals to be released into the environment!

We'd like to congratulate Ara Jurao, the winner of our Blog Giveaway contest!  She won a lariat type necklace with a mix of metal and clear beads held by a leather cord designed by Papemelroti designer Meldy.  Ara says, "You gave my world a little of peace with every item you create. Thank you very much."  Thank you very much to all who participated!

The Papemelroti Vintage Shop is now on sale for selected items!  Come visit and take a look at the new arrivals too!  Bags, jewelry, wristbands, belts and so much more!  Items are selling fast and remember if you see it and like it, buy it since it usually won't reappear!  The Vintage Shop is at the main branch in Roces Ave., QC.
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