What to do at the Artisan's Workshop

 “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”   
- Pablo Picasso

In the humdrum of everyday life, most everyone, longs to be creative.  Akin to therapy, doing something with our hands, specially something artistic, stimulates our memory, balances our emotions and quite simply, makes us happy.

Quite often we make excuses like we don't have time, we find it messy or we don't have the tools.  Let's remove all the objections!  It's time to get creative!

But what do you do?  Everything!   That's the plan!

Whether you have half an hour to a whole day determines how many projects you can do.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Make something for yourself.  Learn how to recycle something using ordinary materials with the kits we have on sale.  We have staff around who can help you with the kits.  When you've finished something, display this at your home.  Be proud of what you make!

  2. Make a personalised gift for a friend.  Need a gift fast?  Need something for someone who has everything?  Want to make it handmade so it's more meaningful?  Then the Artisan's Workshop is the right place to be!  Just pick and kit like: keychains, buttons, notebooks, etc and put your friend's name, favorite song title, motto etc. 

  3. Come with a child and learn from each other!  Children don't have limits in the ways they create.  This is a fun time for you to encourage and praise them.   Our facilities are really meant to be used by kids!   They don't have to worry so much about messing up your home and furniture since they can cut and color on our tables.  The memories you make at the workshop could be fond memories for a lifetime.  You never know, you might have another Amorsolo or Gaudi in the making!

  4. Come with friends and family.  There's nothing better than delving into arts and crafts with the exception of doing that together with those you care about!  This could be your special activity for your birthday!  Do something different with your family times!

  5. While away the time making something beautiful.  Don't rush.  We learn and improve by doing and practicing.


Here are samples of what you can do:

Our kits and materials are all available at affordable rates.




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