We Recommend: One Touch App

Imagine that one day you were given the latest model of a mobile phone.  It had all the features you've ever dreamed of.  It had GPS, state of the art audio and video, and even had the capability to be rolled up into a ball so it would fit in your pocket.

But wait, you still need to charge it for power and to hook it up to a network to get the communication features going.

Just think that we, each and every human being, are such marvelous "inventions" of the Creator. We have a multitude of skills to survive and adapt in a complex yet fragile ecosystem.  Yet, each and every breath is dependent on (whether we acknowledge it or not) the length of days God gives us.  He is the Source of our life and the Light to guide our path and direction.

To fully realize our capabilities and reach our highest potential, we need to connect to the Most High God.  He put us here and He knows what our purpose is.  He also knows how we can fulfill it.  He also gives us the "network" of other people to support us and lean on in this journey called life.

We're happy to recommend the One Touch App which we use to connect to Abba "Our Father" every morning.  The app has a delightful array of options.  We can pray, reflect, laugh, sing and listen.  It's developed by Ligaya Digital.

Get the One Touch App while it's free on:

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