The Mom Who St-"ART"-ed it All

For more than 40 years, Papemelroti has been crafting and churning out new designs every month, resulting to over 25,000 products.

Where did all this artsy crafting begin?

The Papemelroti siblings - "Pa" for Patsy, "Pe" for Peggy, "Mel" for Meldy, "Ro" for Robert and "Ti" for Tina (in order of appearance) have Mommy Socorro "Corit" Alviola Alejandro as their innovator mom, the founder of Papemelroti.  Proud husband Benny always praises Mommy Corit for her keen business sense.

We asked Corit, what age did you start sewing?
In my 20s or even earlier.  I was sewing my own dresses then went into stuffed toys.  I got my own sewing machine when I got married.  My husband gave it to me.  I just learned by myself, looking at patterns then eventually, I made my own pattern.

Note: Corit would use the scrap cloth from sewing dresses as her cloth pieces for the stuffed toys.  She would also make the children toys made out of empty clorox bottles.

Why crafts?
I used to make things for the family Christmas tree and toys for the children.  Then I was interested in having a business as well.

A sneak peek into her workroom. 

Today at 79, Corit still loves to make products.  Specifically, she handcrafts dried flower arrangements and miniature shadowboxes in the shop. When she works with her hands, she forgets about all her worries.

But we know that with her motto "Yard by yard, life is hard.  Inch by inch, it's a cinch!" and faith firm in God, hardworking Corit doesn't have much to worry about.
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