Strong Soul Food

Have you had your share of soul food for today?

Here are some bite size sayings that talk about STRENGTH, not physical, but spiritual strength.  May they feed and fill your soul today.

Sometimes we focus too much on what we see.  Is our hair alright?  Is our teeth all white?
But we should know where to start... how's the strength of our heart?

Do we shy away from people or things that test our strength?  Do we ever venture out of our comfort zones?  Stepping outside our little worlds can open up a whole new world of possibilities.  How about a little adventure?

Life has its own share of storms.  Are you in one now?
We keep on trying to go higher, farther and taller when all we need is to look down and see how stronger and deeper our roots are.

Is something telling you you can't do it?   Believe you can, because it's true.

Strength, faith and courage are all within reach.  Look to the Source.

Have a strong soul day!
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