Scrapbooking Styles

July is a good time to do scrapbooking as it celebrates the International Friendship Day on July 30th or on the first Sunday of August.  

Some people have a difficulty scrapbooking because they don't know how to fill the pages apart from the pictures.  Here are some examples of how to decorate the scrapbook.

Keep items associated with that day.  For example, this travel page contains a bus and boat ticket.  These really transport you back in time don't they?

A birthday scrapbook needs to be festive, specially if you plan to give this as a gift to the celebrant.  Embellish the pages with different elements.  See a sample below dotted with letters, flowers, words from a magazine saying "Party Time" and matching colorful gift wrapper. 
Christmas gatherings can be filled with fun and must be preserved well through Christmas images and short descriptions of what transpired.  The page below has an empty portion at the center for filling in the memories.

Every time a baby comes, a new scrapbook is born too!  Here, an erstwhile plain scrapbook becomes abloom with flower and heart elements.
Even a birthday card can be turned into scrapbook page material.  Here some cutout letters were used to personalize the page.  It's a major plus if you have pretty handwriting.  If not so, just use your printer to make out the wordings on the page.

You can use 3D elements to make your scrapbook pop!  The cover below boasts of a 3D flower component that already makes the page more special and fun.  Even if there are only a few scrapbook decorations on the cover, it is already a work of art!
Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro made the intricately hand-drawn elements in the Guestbook cover below.  He used white ink to paint over dark handmade textured paper.

The materials used on this post are all eco-friendly as they are made from recycled paper.  They can be purchased at the Papemelroti branches or online shop

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