Scenes from the Christmas Workshops

It was a flurry of creativity and chaos at the Christmas Workshops this past month!

It was a busy day for Robert Alejandro, Papemelroti's premiere artist who started off with the Three Kings Doll-making Workshop in the morning and then conducted a Basic Acrylic Postcard Painting session in the afternoon.

What do you do if all the kits to make The Three Kings get left behind at the shop? All the participants get a bonus lesson in acrylics, yay!!!! Thanks to Grab Express, we got the kits with still enough time for the real workshop.

The afternoon session on learning basic acrylic painting skills were attended by "kid"-dults!  They were able to recreate Robert's postcard design and discover tricks in developing their own designs for future projects.


This is the first time I taught a "step by step" beginners course on acrylic painting. It was a lot tougher for the students and I was afraid they would struggle - they did. But the big surprise is that they enjoyed (they told me) and they learned a lot. The big lesson for me is "don't be afraid to push your students, most especially if you really would like for them to learn." - Robert Alejandro

One senior lady successfully did it even when she forgot her glasses!

All in all it was a wonderful experience both for Robert and the participants.  It is our hope that everyone will be able to keep using their drawing and craft skills to make inspiring works of art for themselves and their loved ones!

For more information on Papemelroti workshops, visit our events calendar.
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