Recycraft: How to Make a Snowglobe Out of Recycled Materials

A lot of you have been asking us to sell snow globes.  At the moment, we don't have these in our shops but it is possible for us to make these in the future.

For the moment, why don't you make your own?  It's easy!  With a lot of the items you already have at home, you can have your very own snow globe masterpiece.

Since we don't really have snow in the Philippines, we substituted it with some shimmery bits.

DIY Snowglobe 

What you need:

1 jar with lid - must be big enough to encase your figurine.  Ours used to be full of pickles.

glue gun with sticks - the best adhesive is actually epoxy but if you don't have that, try experimenting with your glue gun like we did

figurine - you can get these in a toy store. It can be made of plastic or rubber, whichever is waterproof.  

little container (optional) - our jar was too high for our little figurine so we added a "stand" in the form of a used container for cream.  

glycerin - found at supermarkets (baking section), you can also try baby oil instead

glitter - if you don't want to use glitter, you can use tiny, little cut pieces of aluminum foil.


Please ensure that before you glue gun the lid shut, that you have tested the strength of your figurine on the container so you don't have to pry open the jar if it gets unhinged.  

If it does, just open the jar, transfer all the liquid into another container and then get the figurine out, dry and use a stronger adhesive.

You can make a scene instead of just one figurine!  That would be fun!  Put a lot of little figurines instead of just 1 big one.

Don't forget the no.1 rule: have fun!

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