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Rainy Day Special: 10 Ways to Enjoy the Season

15 Jul 2023

rainy day activities philippines

10 Ways to Enjoy the Rainy Season

Rainy Day Specials from papemelroti

Do rainy days and Mondays always get you down?  We may find ourselves in a bad mood on a rainy day.  Having wet shoes and getting stuck in traffic are all things we dislike but did you know that rain actually helps us health-wise?

Studies show that listening to the pitter patter of rain lowers our blood pressure, reduces stress and helps us sleep better.  Having rainy days can slow us down and appreciate life a little more!  

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1 - get crafty 

A little known fact about raindrops is that these stimulate creativity. A marine researcher, Wallace J. Nichols discovered that when we hear rain sounds, our brains go into "default mode network".  This state is when we get a lot of fresh ideas!  So grab those arts and crafts materials and make something beautiful!

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letter writing philippines

2 - write letters

As everything becomes more virtual, the more we value things we can touch and keep.  Receiving a letter or a postcard in this day and age is so rare that it becomes a precious thing.  Whether you want to say thank you, happy birthday or just "hello" will be greatly appreciated!  

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philippine books mugs reading

3 - read a good book

Rainy days bring cooler temperatures perfect for relaxing with a good read.  Nothing can compare with the written word's power to illumine our mind and imagination.  Reading a good book feeds our spirit and warms our heart.  We recommend leafing through Robert Alejandro's travel book on Southeast Asia.

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redecorate your room philippines

4 - redecorate your home

Need to get moving but can't do sports outside?  Redecorating our homes can bring some fresh inspiration into our days!  Rearranging wall decor and furniture may not seem much but these will surely increase your heart rate!  Even if you're not an interior designer, you can go with your gut and choose items that will make you smile when you see them!

suggested products: wall decor, clocks, wall shelves (only available in stores), home accents, desk accessories

5 - scrapbooking 

When your friends come around, you can always show your phone to share your family photos but a scrapbook is far more superior in sharing the memories.  Your scrapbook can showcase a pressed flower, leaf, or concert ticket while digital files are easily forgotten.  You can write anecdotes alongside the photos as well as little doodles.  This is a great gift idea for a family member or beloved friend too. 

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journaling notebook diary philippines

6 - journaling and drawing

Rainy days have a way of interfering with our internet connection and we find ourselves staring at the wall without anything to do.  Journaling can be as simple as having a pen and a notebook or you can make it an art form embellishing it with a variety of materials.  One can use magazine cuttings, watercolor, stickers, pens and whatever supplies you have to express your thoughts.  You can write down your wishes, prayers, dreams, memories and reflections.  

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cellphone holder philippines

7 - connect with friends online

For those of us who cannot live without checking social media, we can do that, all safe and dry and from the comfort of our homes.  

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travel gifts accessories philippines

8 - save up for travel

Can't wait for summer?  This is the time to save up and prepare for your next adventure!  Once you have the sufficient funds, you can also avail of the lower rates with Philippine travel in the months of July and October since it's not the peak season!  Plan and book way ahead and don't forget to bring gifts for the people you'll be visiting. 

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planner stationery philippines

9 - organize your room and your digital files

Messy room, messy life. It's a good time for you to fix your nook! Be more productive and find things better with the right organizers and supplies.  Don't know what to do first?  Make a list and tick it off one by one.  You'll be surprised with what you can accomplish.

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beautiful puzzle philippines

10 - spend quality time with family

Spending cherished moments with the people you love the most is just priceless.  Too often we are caught up with work or connecting online that we forget how to relate with one another.  Enjoy the simple things in life with traditional games and toys and remember that we all need laughter, tickles and hugs.  

suggested products: puzzle, paper dolls and stuffed toys

There are definitely more things you can add to this list.  The most important takeaway for us is to be grateful for the rain.  No rain, no flowers.  Let's enjoy this season all the more!

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