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papemelroti Stories

09 Dec 2019
If I were a store, I would be Papemelroti!

Art has captivated me since early childhood. As a young child, I always experienced awe and inspiration through art. Even twenty minutes of finger painting or doodling with chalk on the sidewalk reflected my passion as a young artist. Art is not only a passion for me, however, but also a talent that has molded my aesthetic character ever since my earliest childhood memories. Art has grown from a mild interest to an integral part of what defines me.

I then was introduced to Papemelroti by my sister, Kathleene. My first encounter with their store was in SM City Fairview when I was in elementary. It was like a heaven for me! I couldn't resist myself from not getting in! The place was so cute, the staff is so nice and the stuffs inside was breathtaking. Not that I'm exaggerating things but just imagine that it is 100% recycled. It was amazing. Boxes filled with sensible quotes, posters with nice images and prayers, and colored notebooks.

Papemelroti has always been a part of my childhood. From designing my stuff, to collecting notepads, to giving gifts to my friends, Papemelroti has been my sanctuary. Seeing their products makes my heart skip and puts a smile on my face. Until today, going inside a Papemelroti store and exploring their products makes me feel a kid all over again - reliving the wonderful childhood I had.

On August 26, I celebrated my 18th birthday with my family and friends. I never expected them to prepare something. I thought my friends wouldn’t come. But they did! And guess what? They came with a bag full of Papemelroti products – notebooks, planners, stationeries, and letters! I will never ever forget that day. Simple things can truly give us great joy and Papemelroti always gives me that kind of joy!

- Sheena Marie P.

Hello! My story is not very long, but I'd like to share with you how much I love Papemelroti.

Papemelroti represents my childhood, specifically my childhood bond with my late grandfather. 20 years ago, airplane tickets did not come cheap. For a child growing up in Zamboanga, a vacation to Manila is a big deal. Being a Lolo's girl, I was always chosen to accompany him in his trips. During these trips, my 
Lolo made sure to take me to the malls, and made sure that I have something to remember from each trip. He would either bring me to a bookstore or to your gift shop. In your gift shop, I would silently admire little handmade figurines, secretly smell those notebooks (I don't know why I loved smelling papers back then), and tried to memorise the words from the religious/inspirational scrolls you sell. After each trip, I got to be thankful to my Lolo for choosing me again.

It's been years since I've been inside Papemelroti's physical store. As of now, I enjoy the leisure of "online window-shopping." I visit your online shop not because I have the urge to go on a shopping spree, but rather because of the nostalgia it brings to me. Seeing your shop reminds me of those happy days I had with my grandfather whom I adored so deeply.

That's my Papemelroti Story.

- Aprilmae T.

*These are only some of our most favorite stories collected from customers.  Illustrations were done by Robert Alejandro.

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