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No Sew Fabric Journal

08 Jan 2016

Make 2016 an organized one with this journal that you can carry everything with you!  Simple materials for a stunning, versatile journal!


Cloth (the fabric I used came from an old dress)
Cardboard (a used folder will do)
Thin garter 
Glue gun and glue sticks
Paper made into signatures

Lay out the signature/s on the cardboard and cut the cardboard with a margin of about 1/3"-1/2".

Cut 2 pcs if fabric with a margin of about half an inch around the cardboard.

Fold the margin of 1 piece of fabric around the cardboard and use a glue gun to attach it. Fold the margin of the second piece of fabric to cover the other side of the folder but this time use a double fold to make the edges neat. 

Lay the signature/s down on the fabric covered folder. Tie each signature down with a thin garter passing the garter over the journal cover.

Cut a small piece of fabric to make the closure. Glue it neatly to the back of the journal, and then glue Velcro to the other end of the closure. The other piece of Velcro should be attached to the front of the journal. 

Add a button or embellishment to hide the Velcro. You can also decorate the journal with ribbons, laces, fabric flowers, paper cut outs, etc. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Papemelroti's owner and artist Patricia Paterno has been married for 21 years to a man with a good heart. They have one son who is as funny as his dad. She has been working in the family business since she was 11. When she gets home from work, she stays in her craft room and makes collages, scrapbook layouts, ATCs, and thinks of ways to re-use things normal people would throw away. Visit her arts and crafts blog.  She wants to be passionate about God's passions so she also made a blog, Hebrews 13:3, about their service in the QC Jail.

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