Kraft Blanks Inspiration Board

This feature is about YOU!  We are so proud of what you've done with Papemelroti craft materials and want to share your work to the world and get more people inspired!  

@biennetiful used a white Uniball Signo pen to make this charming cactus design on Papemelroti Kraft paper.

Look at this simple, understated yet artsy wall hanging by @weednonah.  Notice the innovative way she emphasizes the stylish calligraphy with clean cut elements.  She ingeniusly engineered an interchangeable wall decor like this is made with a few clothespins, twine and paper.  Add a few more frames and you already get elegant decor for a party.  This technique can also be made into a greeting card or a gift postcard!

We love the torn effect that @jomiladrielle used on this project.  With a liner brush in hand, she made these name cards for an event.  Cool huh?

@breathingletters has great skill in sketching!  Here she generously shares what materials she uses - Unipin 0.6, Pentel Fude Touch, Zig Cocoiro, Sakura glaze white and Daiso brushpen.  She also sells her work online.

Have you ever tried embroidery on paper?  This could be your instant personalized gift!  Great idea and craftsmanship by @tinahisapapel 

@casem.adrienne is so creative!  She used Papemelroti kraft pads to make bookmarks!  Anyone can make these!  Even if you're not into lettering and calligraphy, you can make a keepsake for a friend.  So affordable too!

Thank you so much for using Papemelroti raw materials for your projects!  Keep them coming!

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