Images of Inspiration

We are frequently asked where we get our inspiration?
The truth is that inspiration comes from all around us.  It comes from the divine and it comes from the mundane, from special things and everyday things, from the old and the new.

See what inspires Robert Alejandro when he is tucked away, high up in his apartment.

Robert loves books, even those in a different language.  He has an eclectic taste in all forms of art.

In truth, Robert doesn't like to open his abode to the public that even those closest to him are not allowed to enter!  But he was generous enough to show a few of his treasures to us here.

 Do you find inspiration in old illustrations? children's books?  paper cuttings?  metalwork?  paints and colors?

As they say, "a thing of beauty lasts forever" - and so does the inspiration that those things bring us.  They show us that even the simplest drawing of a child can be a source of joy and motivation for us to also create!

 Each curious thing in his lair carries good memories with it of Robert's worldwide travels.  They are precious finds from flea markets, museums, street corners and everywhere.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing what inspires Robert!

What inspires you to create?

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