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05 Nov 2009
Dear Friend,

I'm sure you'll agree that every day can be a day to celebrate and to give thanks. It's always time well spent when we look back and remember both the easy times and the times when we've had to overcome our fiercest obstacles.

The American pilgrims back in the 1600s had a painstaking journey on a vessel where many lost their lives. Arriving at Plymouth Rock, they faced an extreme winter cold that took it's toll on many more lives. Fortunately, a native Indian taught them how to grow their own food and this saved the people from starvation.

That summer, a severe drought came so the people turned to fasting and prayer, bringing down rain showers at the end of the day. If those people were not grateful, we would not have known their stories which were passed down from generation to generation.

Do we have a story to tell and to celebrate during this season?

One single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer.-G. E. Lessing

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