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God is LOVE

11 Aug 2012

There are as many ways to express love
as there are languages and dialects
and symphonies and songs.

Each person has his own way 
of saying, "I love you.
You are special.
I value you!"

Of all the gifts God has given,
the most perfect is LOVE.
It does not ask anything in return.

And among God's best gifts are 
the people who love us,
support us, encourage us in our common journey.

One of my favorite quotations is from Mother Teresa.
"Not all of us can do great things.
But we can do small things with great love."

But what is love?

Love is a precious blessing.

Love is forever.

Love isn't love till it's given away.

Love isn't love till it's shared.

In 1John 4:8 we read that God is love.
Love is a person.
His love is unconditional,
We've heard this so often that sometimes
we think of it as the refrain in a pop song.
But this is a revolutionary idea
in other cultures and places and times!

I am reading a book about the time of 
Hezekiah, when they worshipped the god Molech.
Fathers would sacrifice their first born sons 
to the fires of Molech!
Why would the Hebrews who had a personal God
who showed His face to them,
turn away to a false god who demanded
such a impossible sacrifice?

How about us?
Do we turn away from a God of love
and run after the counterfeit joys other gods can offer?

Success, beauty, wealth, 
fame, popularity....
Don't let any of these be your god!
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