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Free Printables: Teacher-iffic Bookmarks

26 Sep 2016

They say "It takes a big heart to shape little minds."  All of us have been helped by a teacher, one way or another!   Let's be grateful for TEACHERS!

On Teachers Day, October 5, 2016, we are offering free downloadable printables for you (teacher or not!)

These bookmarks will make your teacher so happy! You can even personalize them!  They will surely make your teacher feel appreciated!

Make a teacher smile today with these simple and FREE printables!


1. Right click on the image you chose.

2.  Choose "Save As" and then pick a name for the image so you may download it to your computer.

3. Once it is on your computer, you may already print it!  You may use Word to lay them out on a program so you don't waste any paper printing these.

*Please take note that we are only offering these designs for personal use only.

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