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Free Downloadable Dingbats

01 Mar 2018

We love fonts!  Don't you?  Sometimes creatives get to the point where their computers stop working due to an overload of fonts!  Don't go there!  But seriously, fonts can date or make your designs and they are constantly changing to keep up with the times.

We also love dingbats!  They make designs all the more appealing!  They are instant little drawings to insert into your letters, stationery and invitations to add more character to the look.  Sometimes you don't even notice they are there but they actually contribute a great deal into making your art work into something more special.

We are offering 2 free dingbats just for you!  These are limited offers so hurry!



Sorry!  This offer has expired.


This giveaway is available only until
12pm (Manila Time) on

March 12, 2018

These dingbats are free for personal or commercial use!!!  Isn't that great?

We hope that you enjoy using these dingbats.  Feel free to send us your work so we can feature them too!  Sharing is caring!

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