Forest Harvest

There is a land filled with evergreen forest flora and fauna where the flowers always bloom any time of the year.  They are vibrant with color and they shine so brightly reflecting the sun's light.  

Alas, city folk could only dream of such a sight.  They could hardly imagine such a land and could only think of cars, smog and concrete jungles.  

Blessedly these little floral delights landed in Papemelroti to remind the city dwellers of their existence.  But they also carried a message and a warning.  That they wish to give and nurture the city people yet their continued existence is in their unknowing power.  

See their fair message at our magnet boards all over the Metro!  Each piece is individually hand-painted so no 2 are exactly alike. 

Cherish these individually hand-painted masterpieces.  Base is made of raw coconut. Available in different designs.  Click here to order
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