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"I started buying stuff at the store since highschool days and when I started working I never missed starting my year with a Papemelroti planner.  I like the messages and the bible verses on your products.  I even buy planners and give them out as gifts because it is not just budget friendly, it inspires and gives vision to be a good person!  I love the products and will continue to buy handmade and recycled items! Thank you for sharing great concepts and making fun activities.  Please create more games and contests! Thank you and God bless Papemelroti!"  - Mary Cris


As we are about to turn a new page in our nation's history, we are filled with hope for a bright future!  We can be rest assured and know that whoever wins the 2016 elections, and whatever happens, God will use it for good.  Because we have a good God and He loves the Philippines!

That's why we have a lot of HOPE items we are giving away this month of May!

For the prizes, we have one big thing and some small things.  The big prize symbolizes the president and the small things represent us, countrymen.  We all have a hand in building our nation.  We need each other to move forward!

Let's see all the prizes!

Vintage Bronze Pendant
Bring hope with you and spark some faith in confidence in the people you meet!  Includes a rose metal word charm and glazed rose pendant.  Individually handcrafted with care.

Hope Keychain
This hipster item is finely handcrafted and suits both men and women.  It is such a source of inspiration, even if it's just a keychain!

Butterfly Dangling Earrings
Beautifully handmade jewelry to wear everyday.   

Metal Trinket Case
Perfect for carrying your pills or your earrings when traveling.  It has a mirror inside too!

Keep Believing Magnet Clip
Hold important reminders and display them in the best place!  Simple classic design in a bright, fun color!  Handmade with care.

Lastly the big one!

There is Always Hope Wall Plaque
Original photography and design by Elyse Pilapil.  Made of recycled wood materials.

Such a handy group of prizes worth more than P1000!

Hope Pendant
Hope Keychain
Butterfly Dangling Earrings
Metal Trinket Case
Keep Believing Magnet Clip
There is Always Hope Wall Plaque


Using Rafflecopter below, get as many points as you can.

The only required question is:  Tell us which Papemelroti branch has the mural below, made by Robert Alejandro.

For an extra 5 points, e-mail us a picture of the outside of that Papemelroti branch. (5 points!!!!)

Click on the Rafflecopter below to join

Hope you have fun!

Please check who won by May 25!  Winners must reply within 3 days to claim their prize.  


Let's remember to pray for the outcome of the Philippine elections this May 9th and may the most honest, most capable, most efficient, most inspiring, best person win!

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