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Favorite Pope Francis Sayings

21 Jan 2015
We were so excited to see Pope Francis Friday morning at the Quirino Avenue sidewalk on his way to Malacañang.  The people were waiting for hours and hours and yet they were joyfully anticipating his arrival.

And then there he was!  He was gone in an instant but he ignited a myriad of emotions such as delight, tears, joy and a feeling of being extremely blessed!

PHOTO CREDIT: Papemelroti

Would you believe he blew us not just a kiss but two kisses!

PHOTO CREDIT: Papemelroti 

There is just no doubt about it.  Pope Francis is one well-loved Pope!  We are no exception and we wish to share with you some of our fave sayings.

He has countless insightful words.  It's really hard to choose which one we like best!

You can have your fill with his encyclical Lumen Fidei (Light of Faith).

You can also save these images for your gadget background, to share or for any personal use.  No commercial use is allowed.

What is your favorite?
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