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"This is my first ever raffle contest to win! XD
and it's with you, PAPEMELROTI! 

i just finished my daily positivity lettering challenge, just posted it on IG. my phone lit up for a notif and boooom! your message appeared. i was soooo ecstatic that i instantly messaged my co-papemelrotiholic friend for the good news.

the quote on the planner (this 2017 will be my year) really suits me. a lot happened to me this year that i found rest on lettering and other artsy crafts doing simple pieces before going to sleep - so papemelroti is a piece of heaven for us!

so this is not just winning a raffle for me. possibly my year, 2017, is also excited to meet me that it started a bit earlier!
lots of love"
- D


Today is totally here for us to enjoy and to be grateful for.  We are celebrating TODAY by giving away a lot of goodies!

We are featuring our newest and coolest crop of products for you to use and decorate your home with!

*This contest runs on Instagram so if you're not there, hop right to it and join!

Paper products and wooden items all made from recycled materials!  Here they all are...

Here's a closeup of some of the items on the prize pack.

You'll certainly be set for 2017 with these products!

We've got the ever popular scrabble tiles that are so versatile that they can form beautiful words and are interchangeable too!

Here's the lineup of prizes for you:

This 2017 Will Be My Year Pocket Planner
Paper Recycling Kraft Notebook
Sketch Kraft Notebook
This Week Notepad
Take Care of You Stationery Pad
Wonder Word Block
Striped Pouch
Enjoy Today Pendant
LIVE Scrabble Letters

To Join:

1. Visit papemelroti on Instagram and follow @papemelroti 
The contest post is HERE

2. Post a comment on the Contest Post and tag 2 friends 

That's it! Contest ends November 25, 2016.  We will be posting the winner's name on Instagram and on this page.

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