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Easy Ways to Recycle Plastic Containers

29 Aug 2018

Recycling sure saves us a lot of money!  It helps our overworked planet to get rid of needless waste.  Picture our seas without a hint of trash, our waterways and our streets pristine and clean, helping us all to be stress-free!

It starts with you and me!  Let's help our country and our world have less trash and more treasures!  Let's innovate and get creative!  You'll find that the more you recycle, the more you find ways to see things in a different light and find more purposes for them.  The more you see the many wonderful things they can be transformed into, the less you will want to throw them away!

Take for instance: this empty ice cream container.  It's sturdy enough, has smooth surfaces, waterproof and easy to clean.  What do you think it can turn into?

We've compiled some ways for you to start to value throwaway items like plastic containers.  Though we are only featuring 1 thing - you can apply these projects to any size and any material depending on what your need is and what you can use right now!

Garden Planter

Plastic containers are perfect for the garden!  They're waterproof and you can easily poke a drainage hole under for use with different types of plants.  You can use these in your greenhouse and you won't worry about these getting soiled or muddied up!  We would love to see you use up these containers as a hanging plant display or a small window garden!

To make, just punch some holes into the rims of the container.  Insert the sturdy string through the hole and tie the string together as a hanger.


We couldn't go on without stating the obvious.  These containers are great to re-use as food storage (in the refrigerator, freezer or cupboard).  Use this for picnics and potluck - and for bringing your lunch to work!  Otherwise, use it to organize your jewelry, art materials, makeup, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.  You can also use this for traveling as it is lightweight and secure enough to protect your delicate essentials inside your luggage.

*Note: This product should not be used in a microwave!

Don't like the way it looks?  Put a label!

Download our FREE printable label below and print to size desired.  To save, just right-click on the image and save on your computer.

If you are still not happy with the way it looks, you can spray paint it!

Or how about a Vintage look, where the plastic looks like metal?  Here's how

Gift Wrapping

Sometimes it is just no fun wrapping up little irregularly-shaped objects.  It just does not look nice covered up with wrapping paper.  Voila!  Use the plastic container for a no-fuss gift-prep experience!  Wrap it up in a hand-towel, cloth napkin, large-sized hanky or mini scarf!   Use it under cellophane if you're not into using fabric.

Pen or Chalk Holder

Ever had this happen to you?  Whenever you want to write on the blackboard or whiteboard, you're always looking for the chalk or whiteboard marker?

Bird Feeder

For this project, you'll need a large plastic water bottle, glue gun, scissors, ribbons, birdseed, artificial flowers and leaves and of course your plastic container.

This is a spin off of the plastic water bottle bird feeder.   It is a camouflage version as it looks like it is part of the trees!

Which project do you like best?  Let us know what you think!  We love hearing from you!

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