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Creativity Nativity

03 Dec 2010
Christmas is a wonderful season to express and share your creativity.  It is such a festive season and the best activities you can do at this time is to be with the family (specially the children).    

Nothing inspires creativity more than actually getting down to it and doing it!

We've developed a very simple kit for all of you who want to make this Christmas a hands-on one for the home.  It's simple, it's fun to do and best of all, it's so affordable.

Christmas is a time to recall the wonderful and magical story of a child who is to be King!  It evokes in children the early beginning of faith and inspiration.  It is a season to introduce them to Jesus, the King of Kings!  

The children will marvelously and quite easily imagine the babe in the stable, as they assemble the parts.  One can even do a little reenactment of the scenes using the figures.  The baby Jesus can come only on Christmas day as we are all still "waiting" during this time of Advent.  It is a simple visual reminder of the Nativity.  Ideal for children to easily make at home.

This kit will surely bring the spirit of fun and creativity into many homes.    It is also made of eco-friendly materials that were re-purposed for this project.  All you need to begin is some scrap cloth, glue and scissors.

Each set includes:  paper, plastic figures, paper faces and instructions.

Price: P25 / $0.72 per kit
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