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Have you ever received a personalized gift?  There is something so singularly special when you receive a gift with your name handwritten on it.  It's so unique, rare and such a labor of love!

With the "ber" months rolling in, it's the perfect time to think of our Christmas gift list.  We know just the place (and the stuff) to get you started!

Some of you may be intimidated by the idea of making your own gifts.  We hear ya!  But even if you're not an artist or calligrapher, you can do it - 'cause we're going to let you in on some ideas and tips that will make your work so easy but so pretty!

Another plus you'll get from making these gifts is that you don't have to wait!  They're ready when you are finished with them!  You'll also get to save when you just buy the raw materials instead of finished products.


Here's how to get into the Personalize-It zone!


Prepare not just your materials but also your mindset.  Get rid of your fear of failure and just do it!  Breathe deeply and tell yourself that you will have fun!  This is NOT a chore!  [Believe us, a little prayer will help too!]



Before working on the actual product (and go beyond the point of no return), do some sketching or penciling on some scratch paper.

This will help you solidify your idea, and develop it into something more beautiful.  Sometimes, what comes out on paper, compared to what was in your mind is totally not what you planned!  But, hey, sometimes it is much better!

Practicing will also give you more confidence in doing the final art!

Choose a method and finalize your idea.

What do you draw or write?  What does the recipient of your gift like?  Does the person love animals?  Do they enjoy a certain sport?  Do they have a favorite expression?  Start from there.

You can also focus on writing their name in a style all your own.  Look at your favorite artists' work for inspiration!

Pencil in... then Paint it on!

The pencil can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  It's up to you.  It will be a delight to use when you already have a visual image in your head of what you will do.  Otherwise you will just go into a vicious cycle of: Write. Erase. Write. Erase.

Finally take the leap and let the ink flow!  Let the paint go!  Let it make its magic on the material.  Whatever happens, it is all your own and no one else in the world will have that artwork!

What You Can Personalize!

Here are only some of the products you can use for your handmade gift.  Note that there are much more available at the papemelroti Artisan's Workshop.

This is for the friend who has a lot of plans in life!  There are different sizes of metal bank bases that you can choose from (depending on your budget).  

One nice technique for personalizing coin banks is collage.  If your friend is saving up for a car, get a photograph of a car and use it as the focal point of your collage! 

Picture frames are always a pleasing gift to give.  Printing out a photo of you and the person you are giving this to is actually enough to personalize this gift.  But if you want to exert more effort, you can do some nice lettering of the recipient's name and put a border around the name.  If you don't do calligraphy, just print out the name using a computer and have some tracing paper in hand to trace the name onto the picture frame insert.

See the Joy Bunting above as another option for the frame-type product!  So re-usable for party decor or just to use as home accents.


We have a lot of different kinds and sizes of plain notebooks available.  You can do white lettering on a black notebook for a cool, unique style.  You can also do the water resist technique (see photo above this section) which is starting the artwork using crayon drawings.  Afterwards, paint a thin layer of water-based paint over the whole cover so that the crayon drawings underneath would show through.  Don't forget to use light colored crayons for best results.

Scrapbooks are great gifts for people who have it all.  You can never have too many photos, right?  *wink*  And you'll always need a place to store them for future viewing.  This idea is great for giving a gift to newly married couples!  To make it more formal, use letter transfers.

This is a great gift for both young and old, men and women.  It's easy to decorate and you can probably keep messing up and it will be fine - as the paper inside the tumbler is easily replaceable!  Use colored markers to make the design lively and colorful!

The fan is a very useful gift.  Whoever will receive this will use it most of the year!  Paint is the best way to decorate this product.  Women would love a floral theme and men would probably like more bold designs with arrows, banners and typography.

Let us know what you think of these ideas - or if you want us to feature more details per project!  Your comments and suggestions are so important to us!

Come visit us at the Artisan's Workshop and get your creative juices flowing!

See upcoming events or inquire with Lyn at 374 2442  

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