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Carton Community

22 Aug 2017

Wyeth Promil Gold Four now showcases the whimsical talent of Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro.

Everything is so much more fun with Robert around!  His designs on the carton will allow for a DIY toy for your child!

We know that when one makes their own toys, fonder memories are manufactured!  Papemelroti owners and artists like Robert grew up making their own playthings.

Now your child can also grow his creativity even more with this fun and easy project!

"Soooooooo happy!  My drawings on the Promil Gold Four packaging   Make a community with a museum, school, bookshop, library, vegetable market!  Free Crayola building blocks too!  Big thank you Wyeth!!!!!!" Robert says.

When you buy this high quality milk, you get the project free!

The community buildings are so charmingly presented that this project will be a nice decoration for your home as well!

Here are the delightful village dwellers!

We hope you have the most fun with this carton community!  Take some pictures of your village and send your pictures to us so we can share it with the world!

To know more about Robert check out his work here.
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