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Bhutan Art and Travel with Robert Alejandro

31 Oct 2016

Travel back to the south of Asia, where time stands still, and it's still very much like the 17th century.  Come to a land oftentimes called the "Happiest Country in the World".

Tucked away in the Himalayan Mountains is a treasure of a place.  It is sometimes dubbed as the "Switzerland of Asia" due in part by the breathtakingly majestic mountains and valleys.  On a clear day, you can even see Mount Everest from Dochula Pass.


Even if you've never planned to see this place.  See unforgettable Bhutan.

Bhutan only allows a limited number of tourists per year.  Be one of the lucky few!

Travel is one thing.  Capturing the scenery on a camera is the usual.  Why not take a different route?  

Take it all in at a slower pace.

Ever thought of how art and travel can be blended into one unforgettably awesome experience? 

Meet the sketching backpacker Robert Alejandro.  Award-wining graphic designer.  Art-is-Kool Host.  World traveler.  Backpacker.  Teacher.  Philanthropist.  

For the first time, Robert shares his life with us in the most unique way possible.  Travel with him and the team!  


Robert says that drawing places is much better than taking a photograph.  The memory is more vivid and you're not rushing around to the next stop.  It's fully relishing the time you are spending there.  He doesn't need the whole day to do his art there, but he captures the moment well.

Sometimes he gives portraits to unsuspecting people on the train.  Then, Robert gives them the portrait as a gift.  He has made a lot of people truly amazed and happily surprised!

Journey with Robert's team for a week and explore your hidden creativity within. Discover the exotic delights of Bhutan and immerse yourself with the culture and people.

Come and join us for a one of a kind travel experience!

Learn travel illustration with Robert A. Alejandro in the most wonderful of settings: Bhutan.

April 13 to 20, 2017 

Thursday to Thursday

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