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10 Jun 2011
You see them everywhere.  In the sky, on the posts, on the walls or fences and sometimes in trash heaps across the metropolis.  They shout to you, tell you things and they're usually big.

They're used to attention and they're put up in the most crowded places just to get noticed. 

But eventually their time gets used up and they get discarded or stored away hidden from anyone's view.  Not anymore!  We've given them new life!  

These Tarpauline materials are now happy bags!  They've been gloriously upcycled before anyone can grab them for the dump!  They're saved and how!
They're artsy, light, sturdy, versatile and made of recycled material?  Our new bagsies!  No two are quite the same!  They're also waterproof!
They come in really low low prices since the material is practically free.  It's also a pencil holder, cosmetic case... and many more sizes coming.
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