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Artistory: Japan Diary

18 Nov 2014

At this present time, we're closely following the adventures of Robert Alejandro, one of the premiere artists of Papemelroti.  He is currently hopping on a train to different cities in Japan!  Here are some of the pictures he has shared with us.  The captions underneath are Robert's descriptions of the photographs he took.

"There is so much to see in Japan (I am like a kid in a giant candy store) - I am having a hard time finding the time to sit and draw / paint. I had this moment to paint this. Many thanks to the deer that left me alone to paint."   #otoriigate #miyajima #japan #art_we_inspire

#otoriigate  #miyajima   #japan  #jrrailways  #art_we_inspire

"Do it yourself postcards sent back home! Nice brush pens available in Japan!!!!!!"

"Can't find the time to sit and draw in Japan an so I am just making postcards to send back home."

#oldjapaneseprintsdoingmodernstuff  #diypapemelrotiposrcards   #kraftpaper
#papemelroti  #uniqlo

Here is someone with Onigiri from 7-Eleven.  It's this seaweed wrapped rice with tuna and other types of food!

Old Japanese prints get to do modern stuff: this guy is using hair gel.

...And the final touches...

The finished postcard. Used a white pen + stamps 

This guy is having a hard time texting! 

Another postcard I made for friends back home (or elsewhere). I had no idea the Japanese liked "pachinko"!

On her iPad. "I am going to miss japan."

Arigato Gozaimas!

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