Artistory: Here are There with Robert Alejandro

He is otherwise known as the Sketching Backpacker, as he travels the remote corners of the world disdaining the camera in favor of inks and colors.

He is also know as "Kuya" Robert"(Kuya means Big Brother) as he used to host the popular children's TV show "Art Is-kool".

He is also known as a multi-awarded, multi-talented as well as "multi-loved" sort of guy.  His social media posts wow thousands daily.  He has designed everything from books to furniture to malls and amusement parks.  He can design practically anything.

It is no wonder then that he was picked to be this year's University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts 24th Graduation commencement speaker.

April 26, 2014

We're so proud of you Robert!

In the tradition of the University of the Philippines, he was wearing his "Sablay" instead of the caps and togas.  It features characters from the country's indigenous alphabet "Baybayin".  To know more about the Sablay, click here.

This week, his work was at US President Obama's state dinner.

If you want to meet Robert, you will need to have your child in tow.

He is holding a workshop for Moveable Feast but the slots are limited.

Robert's work is available at Papemelroti gift shops and online here.

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