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Animal Activities Collection

05 Jul 2019

Meet our rambunctious group of furry friends!   They're great at keeping you company during all hours of the day and they are sure to bring more cheer and spunk to your daily routine.  

The whimsical charm of the Animal Activities Collection is created by award-winning graphic designer Robert Alejandro.

Want to meet each one of them?  We know you will identify with one of these characters - who most reminds you of you?

Coffee Cody Cub

This guy lists coffee as one of his "bear" necessities!  He's a bit gruff so early in the morning so get him his caffeine fix to perk up!

Paws-itive Prissy Puss

She is the coolest cat you'll ever meet!  She isn't the scaredy cat kind cause she always puts her best paw forward!  She is surprisingly vegan!  Don't ask us why.  She can cheer you on as you chase after your dreams.  You can never put her down and you'll be grinning like a Cheshire all the day long. 

Wuff the Wanderer

He's always unleashed for an adventure!  He loves to travel with his best friend - you!  He is a pawsome outdoorsy kind of pal that you can always count on.  Wuff, take a bow... wow!

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