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50 Years of Miracles

31 Oct 2017

Papemelroti celebrates half a decade of miracles!

Through the years we have been abundantly blessed by God in so many ways.  We want to share some highlights from our company celebration last October 16, 2017.

The night was a red carpet event as everyone was dressed to the nines and cameras lights flashed at  the guests as they walked in.

We started off by sharing customer videos - greeting us on our 50th anniversary!  They shared their sentiment in a variety of ways like through heartfelt messages, animation, store visits or as one customer did, she purchased 50 gifts from Papemelroti and distributed these to her friends as a token of her gratitude!

Papemelroti's managing director Patricia Paterno made everyone feel welcome by sharing how the business started and recounting wonderful experiences growing up with the business.

Creative genius runs in the family!  Robert Alejandro honors his dad Benny Alejandro as a Diamond founder award!

Awarding ceremonies ensued honoring our hardworking employees through the years.  Awards went out to those who have been with us for 5 years until 50 years!

Our Pioneer Awards went to our most renowned and well-loved employees who've invested 40 to 50 years of their lives building up Papemelroti, setting the trend for success!

We are so happy to have reached our golden year!  God is good!  A warm thanks to all of you who have helped our business all these years!  Your patronage has brought about a lot of good!  God bless you!
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