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5 Minute Jar of Lights Decor

25 May 2018

If you're anything like us, you don't like throwing things away.  We are conflicted when we feel like we don't have any room to store a potential craft material away!  Everything has a purpose and it's a challenge to find some use for it.  We took up the challenge this week when we had a few bits and pieces of recyclable materials.

It seems such a pity to store away Christmas lights when you can use them all year round!  This simple little jar will showcase the lights and make your room a lot brighter!  You can use these for parties or to light up your outdoor spaces.

What You Need:

glass bottle (clean, no label)
aluminum foil
battery operated christmas lights (or electric candles)
plastic (preferably from packaging)
glitter nail polish


1.  Cut the plastic sheet neatly to fit inside the bottle.

We used some plastic from packaging.  It's thick enough to paint easily but pliable enough to fit into the jar.

2. Paint the plastic sheet with glitter nail polish.

3.  While the sheet is drying, get your Christmas lights and cover the battery case with foil.  Roll the lights around the battery pack.

4.  Insert the dry plastic sheet into the jar.

5. Insert the Christmas lights (rolled around the battery pack) inside the jar.  Turn on the lights!

Make a lot of this to decorate your dance party!

*For safety purposes, do not leave this item unattended.  Do not keep lighted for prolonged periods of time.

What do you think about this project?  Easy peasey isn't it?  Let us know what crafts you like doing in the comments section below!

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