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10 Ways to Spread Some Love on Valentines Day

03 Feb 2014

Valentines' Day celebrates love and love is worth celebrating everyday!  Valentines' Day isn't just for couples.  It's for the young and old, rich and poor, funny and serious, and just about anyone who is able to love.  Here are some ways to make the day extra special for you and your loved ones.  You can do something secretly or daringly!  Pick one that suits your personality!

1 - Wear your heart on your sleeve.  Wear a teeny tiny heart pin on your collar that day so everyone that sees you will go "awwww".  You can make your own by grabbing some hearts from your local craftstore and attaching a safety pin in the back.

2 - Be a secret admirer.  Give an anonymous "Be My Valentine" card. Can't just seem to say what's in your heart to the girl of your dreams?  Then let her know anonymously.  Be sure to be sincere and try to make her smile.

3 - Share the love.  Give token gifts to loved ones.  Something red like apples?  Candy shaped like a heart?  The cheesier, the better.  

4 - Fun Fun Fun with Friends.  Organize a get together with other people on the day itself or on any day in February (to avoid the traffic).  Just make some fond memories with those you enjoy being with.

5 - Heart Art-tack!  If you're a regular at coffee shops, you would be all too familiar with the heart lattes.  Since we don't normally have latte machines in our homes, why not making someone some sweet cocoa!  If you've got a lot of time on your hands, here are the instructions (though we would rather you put stevia than sugar).  Read more  Or you can try making a heart shaped egg here.  Or you can also go the easy way by just spreading some jam in the shape of a heart on some toast.

6 - Let go.  Now here's a biggie.  Today won't be just any other ordinary day if you find it in your heart to let go of anything that is weighing heavily on your heart.  It could be the memory of someone hurting you or something you are doing that you're not happy to do.  Well today you can just let go of whatever that is and be kind to your heart!  It's going to be a very very good Valentines' day if you do just that.

7 - Have a heartfelt day!  Cut out several paper hearts (about a hundred, just kidding).  On each piece of paper, put a word (any word).  For example the word "summer".  Write different words per heart and put in a jar.  Gather your friends and then each friend will pick a heart.  That person needs to share something related to "summer".  It could be about his best summer, what he thinks about summer, something funny about summer or who he wants to spend next summer with.

8 - Have a heart.  Visit a local hospital and give away some sweetness. You and your friends can make some sayings like "Your smile brightens up someone's life" or "We are praying for your swift recovery" (you really need to pray!) or "You are special in every way" and write it down on paper hearts.  Distribute to the patients.  You can also just give balloons or flowers ;D

9 - Brave enough?  Conduct a hugathon with your friends.  Carry a sign "FREE HUGS" and see what happens.  Juan Mann was the guy who first thought of this and the effect was phenomenal  Read the story here

10 - Have a picnic!  You can go with your special someone or have a big bash with your whole family including the dogs!  Spend the time taking pictures, doing board games and listening to your favorite music.

P.S.  If these ideas don't appeal to you, you can always drop by any Papemelroti shop and give a gift your love will surely... love!

Whatever you do have fun and make some beautiful memories! 
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