• 7.7 SALE Online Deals

     Get the best ONLINE DEALS this 7.7!!! 50% OFF Desk Pads! 29% OFF Ring Notelets! 20% OFF Bookmarks! 20% OFF Stickers! Avail of Vouchers and FREE SHIPPING!papemelroti on Shopee papemelroti on Lazada
  • Fun and Crafty Ways to Re-purpose Bookmarks

    With a little time and a few art materials, you can experience the joy of creating something truly unique with these charming and inexpensive bookmarks!  They are made of 100% eco-friendly recycled paper and have an earthy, rustic feel so they are just lovely to use for that trendy vintage look.Bookmarks are not just for saving the page where you stopped reading. They are...
  • Same Day Delivery with papemelroti Shops

     Been busy lately?  We've got you covered!You can get your shopping done these days in a fast and convenient way!For more inquiries, send us a message via FacebookEnjoy!
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