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Live Store Tours

01 Jul 2022


If you are anything like us, you'll enjoy the time that you spend browsing in a papemelroti store.  Time just flies when we are looking around and reading the many quotes and sayings that are on the walls and different product collections in the shop.

Now you can enjoy a virtual tour while in the comfort of your home or on the go!  We visited some of our stores and showcased the newest items on sale!  Come and take a look!

papemelroti Main Branch

papemelroti Ayala Bay Mall

papemelroti Feliz

Catch the next store tour on Facebook live and you can have products shipped to your door!  You can make special requests to see whichever kinds of items you want to view and ask questions about them.

As always you can watch and shop at Shopee and Lazada live selling.  Avail of special promo items on sale too!

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