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Recyclife: DIY 1-Minute No-sew Bag Challenge

04 May 2021

Sometimes we have things we don't really use but they are pretty and we want to see them all the time.  Let's not hide them!

Sometimes we have old things that are still useful but they don't look good anymore.  Let's still use them!

We put these 2 ideas together to make this project!

Why not try to make a bag using recycled materials in 1 minute?  No sewing involved!  

Make sure you have all the items on hand before you set the timer.

Show us your video by sharing your video link in the comments below!

What you need:

  • 1 old clip
  • 1 old belt
  • 1 old fabric pack
  • safety pins
  • Optional: cute brooch

***Please see the video before you try to make the bag.  We highly recommend that you take your time and make this project in leisure.  Children must have parental supervision.  Haste makes waste!  Do not injure yourself in the process of making your "new" bag.

You can also add a brooch or magnet pin to the front of the bag!  Did you get it right?  Let us know!  

 Please test your bag before going out.  Sometimes old things used are not as strong as you think they are.  Remember not to overload the bag with stuff as well so as to preserve the life of all the materials so you can use it again separately.

This is a great bag for shopping.  It's like a stylish belt bag.  You can also attach charms to the front and decorate it as much as you want.  For an outdoorsy look, you can also use belt bags and more sturdy straps.   

Because you use a clip, you can make the strap length shorter or longer too!

If you don't want to use each item separately, you can stitch this all up (that will take more than 1 minute).

Here is a sewn sample.


Get creative with the process and the decorating!   Please tag us on your social media so we can see your creations!

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We love comments!  Hope you can share your thoughts below.  Let us know what you want us to feature next!  Feel free to share this post with your friends!

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