All about Affirmations with Robert Alejandro: a Facebook Live Event


See Kuya Robert at his best this March!  Life isn't always perfect but while we are here, we can ART party!  This event includes papemelroti Affirmation collection giveaways for everyone who will be there!

The time to be happy is now!  Anyone can enjoy art!   Gather the whole gang and draw along.  It's going to be a special event as we will learn about Robert's Affirmation Collection and how he conceptualized it.  So, when you see it in papemelroti stores, you'll know the story behind the style!  

Whether you are young or old, happy or blue, this event will send good vibes to you!  Get to know what makes Robert's designs so unique and delightful!  

Come join the fun! 

March 20, 2021 


3:00 PM  -  4:00 PM  UTC+ 08:00

Facebook Live Philippines


Watch party time!  Let us know what type of events you want us to hold for next time!