What's in your School Bag?

Have you ever felt like summer seemed too short and you needed that extra oomph to get you into the school groove?  These pick-me-up products will help you get going with flare!

We all know that note-taking is a daily To-do thing as a student.  Don't worry about all that paper that you use filling up trash bins and landfills!  Use our eco-friendly notebooks made of 100% recycled paper!

Plus we've got a lot of NEW notebooks designs just for you!  Find the sizes and themes you like best!

Get stuck on our STICKERS!  Use them to decorate your pens and markers.  Use them on your planners and notebooks to help you remember important lessons.  Use them on your calendar.  Use them on projects or just to inspire you every day!

Only 25 each

SALE!  ‎₱279 each

It's never too late to get organised!  Get these planners to schedule in life's most important events!  They've got a lot of space for note-taking and even sketching!  Printed on eco-friendly 100% recycled paper.  Limited stock of other designs are still available.

‎₱149 each

Procrastinate no more!  This little helper has a nice way of putting it.  It says you got to "do it now"!

You'll have all the motivation you need to do your best with these wall products.  Handcrafted with recycled wood.

‎₱249 each

Tack on all your reminders and To Do's!


Be on time with this reliable clock!  Its timeless, clean design will give you a stylish start to your day.

25 each

Make writing prettier with our ballpens!  They match a lot of our products like scrapbooks, stationery, boxes and more! Designed by Robert Alejandro.

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