Ways to Use Meow Mail


Papemelroti now has Kitty Meow Mail Postcards!  They are so purr-etty!  They are quite large so you can put your life story on it (well maybe not quite but a large portion of your life can fit in there).  It's made of 100% unbleached recycled paper so you don't have to worry about your carbon footprint either!

So okay you know that it's for writing to loved ones all around the world but did you know that this can be used for a lot of other stuff?

Wear it as a mask!  Just punch a hole in the eyes so you can see and 2 small holes at the sides so you can put a piece of ribbon or rubber band and tie around your head or sling around your ears.

See even Victorian ladies thought that was a good idea?

Make a meow-bile ahem ahem... mobile!  This one will have major impact since it's going to cover a lot of room on your wall or just hanging from the ceiling!  Fur-tabulous for sure!

Your walls don't have to be so empty!  Paste the kitty head and then make it an art project for a Meow-ral (mural) to Remember!

Pin the bowtie on that kitty is a nice spin on an old favorite party game!

Make a Pop-up Kitty Card!  And make your friends purr with delight!

Decorate your furbaby's corner with any one of our Meow Mail!

Decorate a plain gift box with Meow Mail!

Hang them on string for a Fur-tastic and all-occasion bunting!

For those of you selling clothes at bazaars this season, put Meow Mail on the head portion to catch the buyers' eye!

Make visitors feel more welcome with a kawaii kitty!  Tape onto your door and make a bubble with some welcoming words!

Decorate your clear or painted laptop case with a kitty!  Paste on using a thin layer of white glue and then to protect it, put several thin layers of white glue over the whole surface.

Can you think of more ways to use our Meow Mail?

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