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Vintage Bottles

04 Apr 2011
Once upon a time, there was a woman who scrounged around her home, finding some french bottles tucked away in the darkness.  They were wrapped in cloth roses, ribbons and lace.  Strung up with wire swirls that seemed so magical.

The woman wondered where these bottles came from and why they had a french label on them.  Lo and behold she found a worn yellowed note inside.  She unrolled it carefully and read it whisperingly ...
It was a Love Poem from Longfellow.  It brought an indescribably warmth to her heart.

Where did these bottles hail from and why were they hidden for so long?  This mystery held no answer for her.  They were only a few and no more.  We don't know if they will come again.  She treasures these now and put them in an honored place on her mantle.  To behold and delight in for ages to come.
 Note:  This is a semi-fictional story about our new Vintage Bottles for sale.  It is true though that we probably cannot make these again but it's not for certain *like many things in this life.
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