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Tips from the Creative Planner Workshop

24 Jan 2018

We went LIVE last Saturday with our first ever workshop!

The Papemelroti 2018 art journals' debut as a base for everyday inspiration was facilitated by none other than artist Robert Alejandro.

Some tips we got from Robert were:

Don't listen to those voices. 

When starting on your planner, or any artistic endeavour for that matter,  the voice of discouragement suddenly resounds in our minds.  "You're not good enough," or "you don't know what you're doing".  Know that those voices are normal and meant to be ignored!

What’s your word for the year?

How to find a theme?  What will you do first?  Try with just 1 word.  Will it be ART?  EXCELLENCE?  HEALTHY?  QUALITY?  ....  MUSHROOM?  CAT? (sorry we love cats)... basically it can be anything!  Isn't that wonderful?


So picture in your mind what you want to see on the paper.  Close your eyes and just relax.  Think of your word for the year and what thing / quote / imagery will help you remember it?  Don't do this too long or you might end up in dreamland.

Let’s not use a pencil.  

Surprisingly, Robert didn't use a pencil to make his images.  He told us that this will hinder the creative process.  Let's just try it out.  Remember, don't listen to those voices that say, "you NEED a pencil."  He also said for us not to "try to make art".   Let's just be free to express ourselves.

Use what you've got!

Robert tried different styles on the journal.  He didn't just draw.  He used calligraphy, collage, drawing and whatever he could to make something beautiful.  He said that having experience with typography, photography, sketching and others would be a big help because in designing - you could actually make use of everything.

Be in the moment

When you are creating, be in the moment.  Don’t rush.  Don’t think about what you have to do.  Be in the moment and enjoy.

Finally... Just draw what you see.

Every single day is different and when you go out into the world, you will see magical, amazing things!  Drawing makes the experience a part of you because each of your creations speaks volumes about who you are.

Don't worry about squiggly lines or mistakes.  Perfection is overrated.  Learn by doing.  Practice makes perfect!

So if you have the time, get the feel and get creative with Robert by following the steps in the video below taken during the workshop.

Experience the Artisan's Workshop for yourself!  See what we have in store...

A giant thank you to everyone who joined the Art Journal Workshop at the Artisan’s Workshop (both physically and on our live feed)!  We hope to see you playing and creating here soon!

 Where?  2/F papemelroti, 91 Roces Ave., Q.C.
 When? Walk-in from 8AM-8PM, Monday-Saturday

What to do at the Artisan's Workshop

Drawing on Black - No Pencil Challenge

Workshop Prices

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