• Recyclife: DIY 1-Minute Bag Challenge

    Can you make a bag using recycled materials in 1 minute?Make sure you have all the items on hand before you set the timer.Show us your video by sharing your video link in the comments below!What you need: 1 old clip 1 old belt 1 old fabric pack safety pins Optional: cute brooch ***Please see the video before you try to make the bag....
  • A Mother Like No Other: Socorro Alviola Alejandro, papemelroti founder

    Story about Our Motherby Patricia Alejandro Paterno My mom’s favorite quote was, “Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.” On October 1967, she took her first inch towards having a business of her own. We opened the Korben Gift Shop on the first floor of the apartment where we lived on Tomas Morato. Korben is from the names of...
  • All about Affirmations with Robert Alejandro: a Facebook Live Event

     See Kuya Robert at his best this March!  Life isn't always perfect but while we are here, we can ART party!  This event includes papemelroti Affirmation collection giveaways for everyone who will be there!The time to be happy is now! Anyone can enjoy art! Gather the whole gang and draw along. It's going to be a special event as we will learn about Robert's...
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