• Recyclife: DIY 1-Minute Bag Challenge

    Can you make a bag using recycled materials in 1 minute?Make sure you have all the items on hand before you set the timer.Show us your video by sharing your video link in the comments below!What you need: 1 old clip 1 old belt 1 old fabric pack safety pins Optional: cute brooch ***Please see the video before you try to make the bag....
  • A Mother Like No Other: Socorro Alviola Alejandro, papemelroti founder

    Story about Our Motherby Patricia Alejandro Paterno My mom’s favorite quote was, “Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.” On October 1967, she took her first inch towards having a business of her own. We opened the Korben Gift Shop on the first floor of the apartment where we lived on Tomas Morato. Korben is from the names of...
  • Mother's Day 2021 Gift Suggestions

    We've got ALL NEW items for Mother's day!  These designs were done by none other than Robert Alejandro, the "RO" in pa-pe-mel-ro-ti.  Find out more about our story here. If you are new here and don't know what papemelroti stands for, you must be a NEW arrival! Just for new clients like you, we want to recommend our oldies but goodies. Our award-type desk...
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