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Reseller Spotlight: Quoted Cafe in Baguio

25 Jun 2024

quoted cafe restaurant baguio

If you find yourself in Baguio, why not drop by one of the coziest places to be? Whether you're by yourself or with friends, the coffee or even just the ambiance will surely perk up your day!

The restaurant cafe boasts a lot of food options topped off with tempting desserts to pair with your refreshments.

quoted cafe restaurant

Read a book, get some inspiration for your creative endeavors, pick a promise, or just hang out.

quoted cafe restaurant

In 2019, papemelroti owner Patricia Paterno shared about it on her Facebook feed:

"Every corner, every wall, every shelf was Instagramable. Lots of hand-lettered quotations on the wall and even a collage that made me want to work on my junk journal!"

She found the food very affordable and the small details really delightful and well-thought-out!

quoted cafe restaurant

Quoted Cafe 

Location: 14 Bukaneg, Baguio City, Philippines, 2600

Phone: +63 74 619 0793

You can connect to Quoted Cafe on Facebook here

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