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Recycling the Top Trash Items - Philippines

05 Apr 2015
Stop!  You're under arrest!  

Did you know that the Philippines is listed as one of the top 5 World’s Worst Ocean Plastic Polluters?  

We have a long way to go in taking ourselves off that list but we hope that coastal communities will be vigilant in information dissemination and that all of us will do our share as well.  We believe that campaigns to curb plastic use specially in supermarkets and shops contribute a lot in this effort.  Our seas truly need saving and the time to act is now!

Another way we can help is to recycle our plastic.  The trash bin should be the last place you think of when you've got a plastic bag on your hands.  Our overflowing landfills will thank you if you recycle it instead.

Here are 30 ways to recycle a plastic bag:

1. Return it to the shop where you got it.  Bring an eco bag with you around instead.
3. Cut into shreds to make it into a filler for a gift box.
4. Line your trash bins with it.
5. Use them to segregate your luggage items.
6. For storing items.
7. Give to an animal shelter
8. Use to play water games
9. Use colorful plastic bags, cut into strips and use as party decor
10. Use these as your "gloves" for cleaning, scooping garbage (or even pet's poop)
11. Window mobile
12. Keep them for when people buy at your garage sale
13. Keep plastic bags in your car to use when your shoes are dirty or when you are buying plants or when buying wet products. 
14. Make a football
15. To coat your shoes in and protect them from the rain
16. Make into beautiful flowers like this or like this
20. As an alternative ice bag
21. Form into soft sculpture or Make a statue
24. Turn it into fuel
25. Use for tree planting and for transporting unpotted plants
26. Make a jump rope
27. Use to seal a paint can.
28. Store perishable food.
29. Make a hammock chair.
30. Make a basket.

Ocean Conservancy identified the top 10 items that are commonly found sitting in the ocean.  Let's try to recycle these too!

Top street litter in the Philippines are Plastic Bags (we're done with this)
Next are Cigarettes and Cigarette Filters - can be used to make bricks, or to be used a rust control compound (for oil companies), send to Terracycle Australia for recycling
Food Wrappers / Containers - Make a colorful mobile
Beverage Bottles (plastic) - Make a jewelry organizer
Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons - Plant Labels and more
Straws, Stirrers - Make a sunburst frame
Beverage Bottles (glass) - Sell this or make photo holders
Bags (paper) - Puppets

We would be happy to hear from you if you've liked this compilation or if you wish to add to the list we have here!
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